Got an iPhone the other day! It's been a lot of fun so far - installed a few new games and whatnot. It was worth coming back to NC for all the stuff that I needed to get done, but I can't wait to go home. There are people waiting for me there, and as nice as it is to travel, it's always nice to come back home. 
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Heads up

If I'm absent online for the next couple days, it's one of three reasons:

1) Old friends and family are in town, and I'm going around to see them.

2) A few people I really held dear really, really pulled some stuff the past few days that's got me kind of upset and so I'm just distancing myself to spare everyone.

3) Work ate me.

4) Skyrim. SkyrimSkyrim Skyrim SkyrimSkyrirmSkyrim. (If I buy it)


Squee~ I can't wait! Who on flist is going? I want to meet you~~ :D

Friday I'll be in the h.Naoto fashion show @ 4:30, and the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show @ 8:30. Both of them will be in the ballroom, panel room 3. Saturday I'll wear either lolita or a Stitch kigu (haven't decided yet) and whatever one I don't wear on Saturday will be worn on Sunday ^^