Grace Valentine (larkir) wrote,
Grace Valentine

I really, really want to start blogging/journalling again.

So I'm going to try to ~4 times a week for the next couple weeks and just see how it goes. We'll see how though, as I am notoriously lazy...

So, onward~ I posted this picture from the most amazing IKEA meetup ever (with some of the most amazing people, though infiniteneeya and my twintwin really needed to be there). On tumblr. With all the other amazingly random things I like to post there.

133 notes later...

Coord for September 10 2011 (also known as the picture-that-has-been-posted-EVERYWHERE)

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs (Long Straight 2-Tone Caramel x Chocolate)
Blouse: Bodyline (sax blue)
JSK: Bodyline Squirrel Fantasy/Squirrel Party/Whatever it's called JSK (lilac)
Apron: Gloomy Bear apron handmade by me and mom~ (cream)
Bag: DoL Candy Treat AP replica bag (white x pink)
Socks: Angelic Pretty Marshmallow Border OTK (lilac)
Shoes: Bodyline (sax blue)
Accessories:, Chocomint, handmade, Bodyline, Sanrio, Forever21

I seriously had the best time ever there, and adopted a blue bear nightlight that I promptly named Ozymandias. Fun times.

And then, yesterday, I returned to IKEA to get the other version of the nightlight bear - shorter, and red. :D It looks a bit like a Mameshiba~

Coord for September 12 2011

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs (Long Straight 2-Tone Caramel x Chocolate)
Shirt: Zenana Outfitters
Dress and Under-dress: blue bird
Bag: Angelic Pretty Honey Cake bag
Boots: Off Broadway Shoes
Accessories: Betsey Johnson~

Nothing particularly special happened, unless you count interaction with Shea, and that's always special because he's a very special kind of random xD And I got a package in the mail from Tokyo Rebel! Turns out it was the SUPER LOVERS stuff I ordered; I was super, super happy about that.

Coord for September 13 2011

Headbow: KidsYoYo (with various Loungefly and other buttons attached)
Wig that might as well be my hair: Gothic Lolita Wigs (Long Straight 2-Tone Caramel x Chocolate)
Shirt: SUPER LOVERS Union Jack Damage dolman shirt (black/red)
Skirt: Tripp NYC (black/grey plaid)
Socks: SUPER LOVERS Union Jack OTK (black/red)
Shoes: Offbrand
Accessories: VAMPS Tour Goods (2009-2010), Chocomint, hANGRY & ANGRY, Sixh., Forever21

Needs more accessories, next time. :/ But it was a fun outfit, and I'm looking forward to wearing it again! :D

And BONUS~ I bought a cute shirt today, with Peanuts comic strips on it~

Now, to figure out an outfit...
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