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In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you...

Journal by Grace Valentine

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Grace Valentine
3 August
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About Larkir

Name: Larkir
Nickname: Kai
Birthdate: August 03
Height: 5' 6.5"

I admit to being a little on the insane side at times, but I try to get along with everyone to the best of my ability. Aside from that, I enjoy writing [I've been a writer for almost 4 years now], learning languages, reading, playing violin, and making graphics. I have a lot of quirks - I wear quite a bit of jewellery [five rings on four fingers, three necklaces, three bracelets], I write almost exclusively in English [UK], and I have a tendency to compare everyone's height to HYDE's. Speaking of HYDE, my music [his included] is very important to me - whether I'm listening to it or participating in its creation, it's almost always around. I think I'd go insane without it. o.o;

I try to improve on things that I know I have weak points in though I largely suspect I fail at it - at least I learn something useful along the way! I've applied it to writing and such and managed to put out over 50 stories in about 6 months while steadily improving writing quality - if you read any of my older stories versus the newer ones, you'll see what I mean~

Anyway, feel free to friend me if you like, or if you want to, send me a message introducing yourself~ That's the fun part of having a LiveJournal ^^

Jukebox Favourites

abingdon boys school: As One, Atena, Desert Rose, DESIRE, DOWN TO YOU, Dress, Fre@k $HoW, HOWLING, Innocent Sorrow, LOST REASON, Nephilim, Nervous Breakdown, ReBirth + ReVerse, Stay Away, STRENGTH., Via Dolorosa
access: AGAINST THE RULES, balearic GHOST, Doubt & Trust ~ダウト & トラスト~, EDGE, Grand Muse, 瞳ノ翼, LYIN' EYES [CROSSBRIDGE ver. 2002], Only the love survive, REAL AT NIGHT ~眠れぬ夜の向こうに~, SILVER HEART, Stay, STONED MERGE [blanc and rouge ver. 2006], SWEET SILENCE
Atreyu: Bleeding Mascara, Blow, Creature, The Crimson, Doomsday, Ex's and Oh's, Honor, My Fork In The Road [Your Knife In My Back], My Sanity on the Funeral Pyre, The Remembrance Ballad, Right Side of the Bed, This Flesh a Tomb, A Vampire's Lament
Aural Vampire: Disco King, Freeeeze!!, Hot Blood Workout, Murealism, THE REPOMAN, Vampire Ecstasy, Yagi Parade
Dir en grey: AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS, Amber, Beautiful Dirt, Cage, Child Prey, CLEVER SLEAZOIS, dead tree, The Domestic Fucker Family, Dozing Green, THE FINAL, Garbage, Glass Skin, Hotarubi, Hydra-666-, Mask, Obscure, Raison D'etre, Rasetsukoku, Reiketsu Nariseba, Repetition of Hatred, Toguro, Yokan, Yurameki, 24 ko cylinders
Flo Rida:Elevator, Get Low, Right Round, Shone
Gackt: Ares, Asrun Dream, Cube, dears, Death wish, Dispar, Dooms Day, Dybbuk, Fragrance, Ghost, Jesus, Justified, Kalmia, 君のためにできること, Lapis, Last Song, Maria, Metamorphoze, Mizérable, NINE SPIRAL, OASIS, Papa lapped a lap popped, rain, REDEMPTION, SECRET GARDEN, seven, Speed Master, Storm, 月の詩 ~TSUKI no UTA~, Vanilla
HYDE: THE CAPE OF STORMS, COUNTDOWN(「ステルス」日本版テーマソング), DOLLY, A DROP OF COLOR, FAITH, Fruits of Chaos, I Can Feel, MADE IN HEAVEN, Masquerade, Midnight Celebration, MISSION, PERFECT MOMENT, Prayer, Season's Call, Shallow Sleep, Sweet Vanilla, White Song
Kosaka Riyu: Baby's Tears, Danzai no Hana, Ignore, Lifeless..., Memory, True
L'Arc~en~Ciel: All Dead, Blurry Eyes, Drink it Down, Dune, Dune 2008, Forbidden Lover, Jyojyoushi, Lies And Truth, Metropolis, The Nepenthes, Ophelia, SEVENTH HEAVEN, Spirit dreams inside
Malice Mizer: Baroque, Beast of Blood, Bois de Merveilles, Brise, Gardenia, Illuminati, Le Ciel, Regret, Speed of Desperate, Syunikiss
Marilyn Manson: Antichrist Superstar, The Beautiful People, Cryptorchid, Disposable Teens, The Dope Show, The Fight Song, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Long Hard Road Out of Hell, The Love Song, Lunchbox, Mister Superstar, mOBSCENE, Personal Jesus, Rock is Dead, Tainted Love, This is the New Shit, Tourniquet
Miyavi: Coinlockers Baby, Dear from... XXX, Freedom Fighters, Itoshii Hito, My Name iz Ore-Sama.com, 咲き誇る華の様に-Neo Visualizm-, Night in Girl, Oretachi Dake no Fighting Song, Señor Señora Señorita
Moi dix Mois: deus ex machina, Dispell Bound, Perish, the Prophet, Shadows Temple-x, vestige
MONORAL: CASBAH, Frozen peak, Kiri, Pocketful of joy, Safira, Session 9, Tuesday, You
Nicholas Tse: 黃, 活著Viva, 無聲仿有聲, 一擊即中, 不是定理, 從前, 以後
Nickelback: Gotta Be Somebody, How You Remind Me, Next Contestant, Next Go Round, Side of a Bullet, Someday [Single Mix], Something in Your Mouth
Nightmare: Alumina, Crash! Nightmare Channel, DIRTY, Kaikou Catharsis, Konoha, Love Tripper, ~lulu~, Raison D'etre, Saiyuki, Star [K]night, Tokyo Shonen, the WORLD, 18sai
sifow: Carat, CLAЯITY, CLOVER, Jewel [Cyber NATION remix Album ver.], いいのに…
t.A.T.u.: All About Us, Cosmos [Outer Space], Friend or Foe, Gomenasai, Klouny, Loves Me Not, Malchik Gei, Ne ver ne bojsia, Perfect Enemy, Prostye Dvizheniya, Root, Running Blind, Sacrifive, Stars
T.M.Revolution: Albireo, Aoi Hekireki, Arterial Fear, BLACK OR WHITE? Version 3, Crosswise, fragile, Graceful World, HEART OF SWORD~夜明け前~, HOT LIMIT, ignited, INVOKE, LEVEL 4, LOVE SAVER, 魔弾~Der Freischutz~, METEOR, O.L, Resonance, Soul's Crossing, Timeless - Möbius Rover, TORIKO, Vestige, Web of Night [Japanese Album Version], Wheel of Fortune, WHITE BREATH, WHITE BREATH [MORE FREEZE MIX], Winter Dust, Zips
TETSU69: Can't stop believing, REVERSE DISCO TWINS REMIX, Shinkirou, TIGHTROPE, wonderful world
VAMPS: Evanescent, I GOTTA KICK START NOW, Love Addict, Time Goes By, TROUBLE

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